Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Extreme Circumstances

Fall is not a time to sacrifice days on the water. It will be winter in no time. When finances are tight and major expenditures like new wading boots take away from the recreation budget, I will forgo new boots and opt for more water time every time. My wading boots have seen their last action. They've been dying for the last six months. The tread is gone and the "seams" have busted open. My first substitute, my hiking boots, are too tight when worn with stocking foot waders and caused some noteworthy blisters. My hand has been forced. Now, I am sporting some high top Nike Dunks. All leather. All black. No tread to speak of. Arkansas River here I come.

Options? They aren't options if there is only one.


Chris said...

I can relate to this all too well. My neoprene waders were becoming more silicone than neoprene with all the holes I have in them. And I was putting coatings of plasti-dip on my wader boots just to keep them sides from wearing the rest of the way through! The frugal fisherman! Don't slip too much!

Michael Agneta said...

At least you'll be looking awesome in those Dunks on the water. Afterall, looking awesome is what is important. You doing screw in studs in the bottom or just making it happen as is? BTW, I've always wanted a pair of wading boots that looked like Air Jordan 3s.

Robert Prince said...

Screw a few aluminum bars to the bottom of those and you'll be set.


I just said goodbye to my wading boots and luck found me. A friend had an extra pair of old ones that were in pretty good condition still that will get me through the winter. You just have to have time on the water in Oct and Nov. = )

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