Friday, January 24, 2014

15 Seconds of Fly Fishing - Cold As Ice

Another installment in the YGF 15 Seconds of Fly Fishing. This one features a hip hop classic. MOP's Cold As Ice.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fly Fishing Film Tour - 2014 Edition

For me, every angling year kicks off with the Fly Fishing Film Tour (or F3T). Probing stories, exciting locales, and straight up fish porn reinvigorate me for another year on the water. With works from F3T vets (like RA Beattie, Simon Perkins, TwoFisted Heart Productions, and World Angling) and newbies (Montana Wild, RC Cone, Fly Out Media, Jako Lucas, and Grey Ghost Productions), this year's crop of films is strong, as expected.

Of the nine feature films, I am most looking forward to RC Cone's "Tributaries", Two Fisted Heart's "Blood Knot", and Simon Perkin's ode to angling past "A Kinetic Loop".

Tributaries Fly Fishing Film Trailer #1 from RC Cone on Vimeo.

I am also excited to see an old fishing mate from Missoula, Anthony Von Ruden, show off his guiding and angling skills in Montana Wild's Wild Country.

The F3T has grown a great deal in it's 9 years. From 25 cities in the olden days, the F3T is premiering in more than 160 cities in 2014. The F3T is kicking off in Denver on Saturday, January 25th. I'll be there. Probably at the late show. Check out the show when it comes to your town. With more than 160 cities on tour, chances are there will be one close to you. Get loud. Get rowdy. Hoot. Holler. Start your new year off on the right foot.

Friday, January 17, 2014

15 seconds of fly fishing - The First

This was the first YGF 15 second instagram shorty. This was made strictly on the iphone as instagram wasn't allowing videos not shot in instagram to uploaded. No soundtrack. No problem.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

15 seconds of fly fishing - The YGF Preview

This YGF, instagram, 15 second fly fishing shorty features clips from three prospective standard YGF shorts. Two out of those three have been successfully uploaded to vimeo. The's not happening. Not enough footage. But, it had carp.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cold Blue Nights - Redux

In two previous outings, I have demonstrated an inability to get out-of-towners visiting Denver for the Fly Fishing Show onto fish. I was starting to feel a great deal of shame. Like Cameron, AJ Gottschalk was in town for the show. The original plan was for two of us to hit the Dream Stream on the Monday following the show. AJ was set to fly out on Tuesday morning.

But, mother nature and my two-wheel drive Honda Accord had different ideas. A huge dump of snow in Denver (and the mountains) over the weekend and the distinct lack of four-wheel drive in the Accord combined for less than ideal driving conditions. So, our plan for Monday was scrapped, in favor of some in-town carping.

It wasn't AJ's preference by any means. Leading up to his visit, he was excited about the prospect of catching five weight sized trouts on five weight fly rods. But, we carped nonetheless. With the exception of a Paul Bunyan-sized carper, we saw no sign of the golden ghost.

We returned to my apartment and AJ was tasked with figuring out his travel plans, as the polar vortex had wreaked havoc on the east coast. With a bit of luck, AJ's flight had been delayed until Wednesday morning. Tuesday was looking fishy. In-town temperatures were forecasted to be snow melting levels. Snow and ice melted and our chances of trouting were growing as Tuesday progressed.

I got off of work and it was readily apparent that we would have a window to fish the Blue at night. Our drive up into the mountains was clear, but there were some flakes falling. After filling our stomachs with Silverthorne's finest dining, we rigged up with midges and attractors.

AJ drifts as the snow falls in Silverthorne.
From the bridge, we spotted a sizable Blue River trout. It was up to AJ to get the right drift. He did. A five-weight fish bent his five-weight rod.
Earned it.
The snow continued to fall and I made the executive decision to head back to Denver. Can't risk it in the Accord. With some dicey road conditions around Loveland Pass, we had gotten off the water just in time. But, not after we nailed a baker's dozen between the two of us. Two and a half hours well spent.

15 seconds of fly fishing - Glass Carp Preview

In the summer of 2013, I released a standard length YGF video featuring a five weight Kabuto fiberglass rod and some willing Front Range carp. The following was a 15 second preview of "Glass Carp."


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Glassman Canyon

Ringing in the New Year in Denver means that The Fly Fishing Show isn't far behind. With The Fly Fishing Show comes many a welcome visitor. Last year, I had the distinct pleasure of sharing the water with the Fishing Poet and Sanders in some, let's say, colder temperatures. This year, Russ Schnitzer and I took Cam Cam the Glass Man (or Cameron Mortenson of The Fiberglass Manifesto) into Cheesman Canyon.
Picking out what proved to be the wrong combination for Cheesman's trouts. Photo credit: SchnitzerPHOTO
The Cheese had given up it's fair share of healthy fish earlier this winter and I was fairly confident that we would all have solid chances at it's trouts. I was wrong. The fish were glued to the bottom of deep pools and runs and weren't moving to even the most well-presented fly. Russ managed one spunky rainbow. Cam Cam the Glass Man and I both stung a few of our own. The fishing was shit. But, the day was fantastic. Normally, I don't buy into the idea that it's just good to get out. I could go for a leisurely hike without all the tools of the trade. I fish to catch fish.

Cameron throwing the Epic. Photo Credit: SchnitzerPHOTO
However, this day was different. It was a pleasure to share the water with Cameron. As Cameron and I discussed between drifts, it is comforting to confirm initial online judgements of fellow bloggers. Cameron is solid dude and an excellent ambassador for fiberglass fly rods and the fly fishing community, in general.

Glass Glow. Photo Credit: SchnitzerPHOTO
Cam Cam the Glass Man even got Russ and I to throw his four weight Epic fiberglass rod. I was impressed with the ease of casting and mending. It wasn't fast-action by any means and definitely required a slower stroke. But, it was nonetheless a powerful four weight. It handled the multi-nymph rig with ease and was a pleasure to cast. It was my greatest regret that we weren't able to see the Epic bend on one of Cheesman's finer specimens. Maybe next year.
Throwing Graphite in front of the glass king. Photo Credit: SchnitzerPHOTO

15 seconds of fly fishing - Quick Hitter from the Ark

The next installment of YGF's 15 seconds of fly fishing is a quick hitter from the Arkansas River this fall. The upper Arkansas River, a fine freestone, was recently added to the list of Gold Medal trout waters in Colorado.

Shot on a GoPro Hero HD 1, this and the other 15 second quick hitters are the equivalent to little orphan YGF videos. They are YGF videos that didn't have a chance to grow up.


Monday, January 13, 2014

15 seconds of fly fishing - Three Chees

Over the past year, instagram has been a enjoyable tool to share and connect with fellow fly fisherman, sharing stills of life on and off the water. However, several months ago, video was introduced as an option on the social media site. There are limitations. Each posted video could be no more than 15 seconds in length. As an amateur fly fishing film maker, the 15-second limit is a challenge. Challenges are good. I will be sharing all the past and future videos here on the blog. Here is my most recent 15-second short.


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Out with the Old...

And in with the new. Well, not quite. But, almost. It is time to formally retire the GoPro Hero 1. It's been fun. Last night, I received a shipment from GoPro.  I would like to formally welcome a new, improved tool to the Yukon Goes Fishing film making toolbelt. A brand spanking new GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


It seems I've done myself a disservice. Two weeks ago, I released my most recent video, titled "COLD SNAP." Prior to the cold snap that hit the Rockies in the beginning of December, a fellow Croat and I made it out on a snowy day. The temperature warmed as the day progressed and the fishing did the same. It was a day in Cheesman Canyon. Enjoy.

COLD SNAP from Yukon Goes Fishing on Vimeo.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Starting the New Year off DRY.

Finding rising trout is always a treat. Finding them in the middle of winter in Colorado is downright tasty. Tanner (AKA San Juan and Eggs AKA the Four Weight Wizard) was kind enough to share one of his small stream gems with me and it made for a damn good time.

The recipe: A YETI filled with high lifes, two dogs, some light rods, and some parachute adams.

The Meal: Small creek browns on the surface.

The day started off slow. Real slow. But, as the sun progressively warmed the creek up, the tiny creek's colorful browns started rising to our dries. Just as one would expect. It's winter after all.

During my time as fly angler, I have neglected small streams, in favor of more well known waters. It is my 2014 angling resolution to spend more time in the backcountry. More time on waters like this. They are good for the soul.

Friday, January 3, 2014

IRON FLY Denver - Don't Be Square

There aren't really words that describe the pure, unadulterated awesomeness that is IRON FLY.

The dudes from PIG FARM INK have taken the traditional fly tying night, dropped it on it's head, fed it paint chips and made it a smashing good time.

It is fly tying meets Iron Chef meets the communal atmosphere of the F3T. After successful Iron Fly events in Fort Collins and Asheville, PIG FARM INK is bringing their brand of bitchin' to Denver.

So, bring your drinking hat, your burrito eating hat, your creative fly tying hat, and/or any other hats to Illegal Pete's on South Broadway in Denver on Saturday the 4th at 7pm. Check the video.

"IRON FLY" Fly tying Contest from Addi Berry on Vimeo.

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