Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Glassman Canyon

Ringing in the New Year in Denver means that The Fly Fishing Show isn't far behind. With The Fly Fishing Show comes many a welcome visitor. Last year, I had the distinct pleasure of sharing the water with the Fishing Poet and Sanders in some, let's say, colder temperatures. This year, Russ Schnitzer and I took Cam Cam the Glass Man (or Cameron Mortenson of The Fiberglass Manifesto) into Cheesman Canyon.
Picking out what proved to be the wrong combination for Cheesman's trouts. Photo credit: SchnitzerPHOTO
The Cheese had given up it's fair share of healthy fish earlier this winter and I was fairly confident that we would all have solid chances at it's trouts. I was wrong. The fish were glued to the bottom of deep pools and runs and weren't moving to even the most well-presented fly. Russ managed one spunky rainbow. Cam Cam the Glass Man and I both stung a few of our own. The fishing was shit. But, the day was fantastic. Normally, I don't buy into the idea that it's just good to get out. I could go for a leisurely hike without all the tools of the trade. I fish to catch fish.

Cameron throwing the Epic. Photo Credit: SchnitzerPHOTO
However, this day was different. It was a pleasure to share the water with Cameron. As Cameron and I discussed between drifts, it is comforting to confirm initial online judgements of fellow bloggers. Cameron is solid dude and an excellent ambassador for fiberglass fly rods and the fly fishing community, in general.

Glass Glow. Photo Credit: SchnitzerPHOTO
Cam Cam the Glass Man even got Russ and I to throw his four weight Epic fiberglass rod. I was impressed with the ease of casting and mending. It wasn't fast-action by any means and definitely required a slower stroke. But, it was nonetheless a powerful four weight. It handled the multi-nymph rig with ease and was a pleasure to cast. It was my greatest regret that we weren't able to see the Epic bend on one of Cheesman's finer specimens. Maybe next year.
Throwing Graphite in front of the glass king. Photo Credit: SchnitzerPHOTO

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