Monday, January 6, 2014

Starting the New Year off DRY.

Finding rising trout is always a treat. Finding them in the middle of winter in Colorado is downright tasty. Tanner (AKA San Juan and Eggs AKA the Four Weight Wizard) was kind enough to share one of his small stream gems with me and it made for a damn good time.

The recipe: A YETI filled with high lifes, two dogs, some light rods, and some parachute adams.

The Meal: Small creek browns on the surface.

The day started off slow. Real slow. But, as the sun progressively warmed the creek up, the tiny creek's colorful browns started rising to our dries. Just as one would expect. It's winter after all.

During my time as fly angler, I have neglected small streams, in favor of more well known waters. It is my 2014 angling resolution to spend more time in the backcountry. More time on waters like this. They are good for the soul.

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