Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Thing One and Thing Two

Right to Left - The Original, The Original Variation 1 AKA Thing One, The Original Variation 2 AKA Thing Two
I have long professed my love for Dan Delekta's Double Screamer. Specifically, the black, olive and silver variation, dubbed The Original. When I was introduced to streamer fishing, it was The Original that produced both quality and quantity. Since taking up the time suck that is tying flies, I've stuck to tying patterns that I fish. My proven patterns. As such, The Original was my first streamer tie. Suck eggs, wooly bugger. It's all about The OG. During a recent tying session with a fellow Croat, I decided to get fancy and tie some variations. Check it.


Howard said...

Looks like a yummy fly. I think any of them should catch fish. Maybe even a variety of fish.

Ari Hermansyah said...

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