Best Bass Fishing Rods 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Shaddock 2. St. Croix 3. JEKOSEN
Shaddock Fishing Spinning Fishing Rod Best Bass Fishing Rod St Croix Bass X Spinning Rods JEKOSEN Portable Bass Fishing Rods

While going out for fishing, one should be careful during gear selection. Hence, you need to be aware about the factors associated with this selection to make the right choices, including the angling technique, the type of water body, and the kind of species you wish to target.

So, if you plan for bass fishing the foremost thing to think is the apt equipment that will put a good impact on your fishing adventure.. There is specific equipment used by anglers when fishing bass, and not all of them can accommodate multiple fishing techniques and environments; the main question arises here that what comprises the best bass fishing rod?


You are just on the right page if you are seeking an answer to this above question. Today, when you start researching online, you will come across endless brands and models that claim to have the best spinning rod for bass fishing. Hence, you select the perfect tool to bait accurately and get more strikes. Read through this guide to find all the answers to your queries related to the best fishing rods for bass.

To start with this guide, let’s first of all discuss about the most popular fishing rods available in the market

Top 20 Best Bass Fishing Rods 2020

1. Shaddock Fishing Spinning Fishing Rod

Shaddock Fishing Spinning Fishing Rod Best Bass Fishing Rod

This fishing rod by Shaddock is made up of the top-quality components and designed to maximize the time efficiency. Carbon fiber is used as its core material and the weight and length are adjusted so that it enhances the force and flexibility of the fishing rod, thereby making it more powerful.

The straight handle is covered with non-slip wear, and the use of reinforced materials throughout the body makes it corrosion-resistant to seawater. The rod comes with a canvas bag and a protective tube, which makes the rod a best choice to meet your different fishing needs.

The EVA handle ensures high stability as it is made up of high-strength nylon, and the guide rings protect the fishing line effectively as well as offer you a smooth throwing experience. The spinning fishing rod is easier to handle when compared to the traditional fishing rods because of its 4-section rod design. This is the best equipment for all anglers and remains as the top choice for all fishing conditions in both saltwater and freshwater.


  • Top-quality components
  • 4-section rod design
  • High-strength EVA handle
  • Available in 2 lengths
  • Easy to handle and carry


  • A bit heavier

2. St Croix Bass X Spinning Rods

St Croix Bass X Spinning Rods

The St. Croix Bass X Spinning Rod is indeed one of the best bass fishing rods available in the market. It comes with a five-year warranty from the manufacturer and is backed by the professional services provided by the company. Due to the premium SC II graphite blanks and aluminum-oxide guides in this rod, it is easier to work with long casts. Some of the other exceptional features include, premium-grade cork handles and Fuji DPS reel seats.

The rod with premium SC II graphite construction is just the perfect equipment for those anglers who value high-performance minus the high-end expenditure. The lightweight, durable, and usage of sensitive material (graphite fiber) make this rod as one of the most popular equipment for making bass spinning rods.

You can also maintain a strong grip on your fishing rod because of the split-grip cork handle. Finally, the slow cure finish with two coats of flex-coats enhances the look and style of the spinning rod.


  • Lightweight, durable and sensitive
  • Premium-grade split-grip cork handle
  • Amazingly light and strong
  • Five-year warranty
  • Professional customer services


  • Not as strong

3. JEKOSEN Portable Bass Fishing Rods

JEKOSEN Portable Bass Fishing Rods

The bass fishing rods by Jekosen are strong, sensitive, and lightweight along with a boast of impressive strength overall. As it is constructed from solid carbon fiber, the rod comprises incredible sensitivity and power. The high-quality ceramic guide is provided for superior casting performance and sensitivity, which also offers a friction-free line flow. You can enjoy all-day comfort with this rod as the high-strength nylon seats offer a solid base.

Due to the 3-piece travel rod design, it is very easier to carry to rod in your backpack for any trip. You get to enjoy the fast action and great power with this excellent wear-resistant rod that comes with a high-density EVA foam handle. The manufacturer provides a 12-month warranty service and the best after-sales service for this bass fishing rod. You will surely love the quality, look, and stylish appearance of this travel spinning rod with gold-colored accents.


  • Solid carbon fiber construction
  • Strong, sensitive, and light weight
  • Impressive overall strength
  • 3-piece design travel rod
  • Excellent wear resistant
  • High-density EVA foam handle
  • 12-month warranty service


  • Buyers may face issues initially in learning the curve while adjusting the rod for accuracy and distance

4. Fly Fishing 8’ Fiberglass Rod

Fly Fishing 8’ Fiberglass Rod

The compact design of this collapsible rod and reel combo makes this Fly-Fishing rod a special equipment. The screw-together design can be fully extended to 97 inches in length and is just 33.5 inches when dismantled. Thus, it is a great rod for backpacking to step out for your fishing adventures. What makes the rod light and durable is its fiberglass material, thereby making it a great choice for both beginners and experienced anglers.

The reel and accessories are included with this product and is provided with a 45-feet long line and tapered leader line along with two dry flies. It can be easily used and handled by anyone, even children, and can be mounted for right or left-handed use. The collapsible rod comes with a carrying case making it safe to carry the gear and keep it protected between fishing trips. Customers find this very impressive as it offers lots of action without much effort.


  • Collapsible rod and reel
  • Light, strong, and durable
  • Mounted for both right and left-handed use
  • Carrying case included
  • Great deal for the money


  • While casting the rod comes in half at the split point
  • Extreme amount of drag after a couple of months

5. Enigma Fishing Gen2 Spinning Rod

Enigma Fishing Gen2 Spinning Rod

Another best fishing pole for bass comes from the brand Enigma Fishing, which is seen among the most popular spinning rods used by the anglers. It is the unbeatable rod and reel combo that makes this 30-ton fused Japanese Toray graphite rod a unique and special equipment for fishers. Even though it is very lightweight, it does not let you compromise on power and strength.

You can enjoy the all-day fishing comfort with the spinning rod and reel combo that boasts the reel components. This rod features a brass pinion and zinc alloy drive gear along with stainless steel main shaft.

A reversible left- or right-handed retrieve handle, and the stainless-steel main shaft offers great strength to its body. The phenom spinning reel looks impressive with titanium covered with alp guides and zirconium rings that add to the style and performance. The manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty with this fishing rod.


  • Unbeatable rod and reel combo
  • Tremendously lightweight
  • Commanding smooth drag system
  • Premium EVA handle
  • Titanium treated alp guides
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Some buyers may encounter difficulty in carrying it

6. Sougayilang Telescopic Fishing Rod

Sougayilang Telescopic Fishing Rod

The lightweight, stylish, and colorful fishing rod is considered as one of the best bass fishing rod. With a fashionable appearance, the portable rod is made up of 24t carbon-fiber and supports a comfortable EVA handle. The stainless-steel line guide, made up of the ceramic ring, encourages better heat dissipation. This portable fishing rod is available in different colors and is supported by great team of customer care support.

This Sougayilang fishing rod is more suitable for freshwater fishing and is great to catch bass and trout. Owing to the above features, it is very easy to use and carry as it can be conveniently stored in the car trunk or your backpack. You can surely add it to your collection or even gift it to a fishing enthusiast in your contact.


  • Lightweight, stylish, and colorful
  • Has comfortable EVA handle
  • Portable and convenient
  • Can be bought as a perfect gift
  • Available in many colors


  • Be careful with the base foam/cork piece that may fall off

7. St Croix Mojo Casting Rods

St Croix Mojo Casting Rods

The St. Croix is now one of the leading brands in terms of bass fishing rods. With this product, St. Croix has created one of the most advanced fishing rod facilities. The company employs innovative materials and manufacturing techniques to create lighter, stronger, and responsive rods. Being made up of advanced SCIII graphite construction, this bass rod is for serious anglers who are looking for both value and high-performance.

The use of integrated poly curve tooling technology removes all possibilities of any transitional points in the mojo bass casting fishing rod. Thus, what you get is an increased strength with greater sensitivity. The slim-profile rod features strong aluminum-oxide rings, Kigan master hand guides, and black frames, which makes it more powerful among all varieties. Two coats of flex-coat and slow cure finish enhance its fine looks.


  • Lighter, stronger, and responsive
  • Advanced SCIII graphite construction
  • Poly curve tooling technology
  • Increased strength with greater sensitivity
  • St. Croix Superstar Service


  • Feels a bit too stiff while catching fish

8. CAPACI Bass Fishing Rod

CAPACI Bass Fishing Rod

This fishing rod by CAPACI is available with the 24-ton carbon fiber rod that comes in 6 pieces. As a benefit of this latest design, this rod can be carried to any of your desired place for fishing adventures.

The previous portable casting/spinning bass fishing rod varieties from CAPACI are well known for their incredible performance and value in the market. Carrying smooth guides and durable reel seats is both sensitive and strong. Hence, the laser-focused manufacturing techniques aid you in having the highest quality and consistency in its performance.

The brass rod has been designed as per the inputs from the tournament anglers and experts with years of experience in fishing competitions. Thus, every feature of the rod, including its length, action, power, weight, and handle length have been crafted carefully to it perfection.

The purpose behind this is to maximize the effectiveness of the fishing rod that looks like one-piece equipment. Hence, if you select this product then without doubt you make a solid performance choice and catch more fish with this affordable innovation.


  • Latest implemented design
  • Great performance and value
  • Sensitive and strong
  • Light weight and portable
  • Laser focused manufacturing
  • Best value in the industry


  • Buys may face issues with the tangling line

9. Goture Fly Fishing Rod

Goture Fly Fishing Rod

If you are in search of the best rod and reel for bass fishing, then the Fly Fishing Rod by Goture is an ideal choice for any beginner or expert angler. You can look forward to a high balancing performance with this super light and sturdy fishing rod. It is made of carbon fiber blank construction, which makes it both lighter and stronger.

Hence, you can consider it as the perfect rod to use in either freshwater or saltwater, as well as small streams. Being super compact, it is travel friendly and easy to carry. The rod features hard-chromed guides and anodized aluminum alloy reel seats as a result of which you enjoy a balancing performance with this classic and durable rod.

The fishing rod comes with a lifetime repairing warranty and one-year-warranty and thus is a great product that also works as a great gift. You get a 100% “no hassle” guarantee for the first year.


  • High balancing performance
  • Super light and sturdy
  • Life time repairing warranty
  • Super compact
  • Hard Chromed Guides


  • Buyers may find it way too cheaper

10. G. Loomis E6X Fishing Rod

G. Loomis E6X Fishing Rod

G. Loomis is a trusted name in the world of bass fishing rods, and the E6X fishing rod can be termed as one of your most valued possessions. This E6X series introduces swing-weight to the anglers, which is referred as the proper rod balance allowing the anglers to focus on what is happening at the end of the line. With a multi-taper design, the powerful rod is suitable for all types of bass fishing techniques.

This light, sensitive, and powerful rod is introduced at a very affordable price and can be used for varied tasks like casting, feeling strikes, retrieving, setting hooks, and more. If you are looking for the top quality and unparalleled performance, go for this bass fishing rod.

It is also one of the least expensive series produced by G. Loomis. Customers, who have been using this company’s fishing rod, have agreed to enjoy using it and found it more competent to handle a variety of environments and conditions.


  • Multi-taper design
  • Suits all kinds of bass fishing techniques
  • Light, sensitive, and powerful rod
  • Product of the least expensive series by G. Loomis


  • Packaging isn’t protective enough

11. St. Croix Mojo Fishing Rod

St. Croix Mojo Fishing Rod

If you are looking for a spinning fishing rod for bass with certain attitude, then St. Croix fishing rod developed with IPC tooling technology is the your destination. These rods are made up of SCIII graphite to make it 15% lighter by implementing the advanced technology to provide an unbelievable and stunning performance. The rod is for a serious angler who is looking for both sensitivity and durability.

Other notable features include strong aluminum-oxide rings, slim-profile ferrules, and split-grip premium cork handle along with a Kigan hook-keeper. The rod comes with two coatings of flex-coat and a slow cure finish that enhances its look and durability. Designed and handcrafted in the U.S.A., this rod is a great product from a great company as St. Croix is one of the premier rod manufacturers across the world.


  • Technique-specific bass rods
  • Comprised of 15% lighter SCIII graphite material
  • IPC tooling technology
  • Featured with advanced technology
  • Stunning performance


  • Poor shipping standard by the company

12. Dobyns Rods Fury Series Casting Rod

Dobyns Rods Fury Series Casting Rod

If you are in search of the best bass fishing rod, then the heavy power ex-fast action by Dobyns Rods is the answer to your question. This sensitive, light, strong, and balanced rod offers an exceptional value for money and the new series boasts about some essential features that are added after having an in-depth analysis and feedback by the expert anglers.

The fast action casting rod features fuji reel seat, high modulus graphite blank, Kevlar wrapping, and hi-density Hypalon butt.

Customers agree that this is the best rod out there for small swimbaits owing to its quality construction that makes it comfortable and easy to hold in your palm. and they are very happy with their purchase and enjoyed their bass fishing heavy baits and heavy cover fishing to the fullest.


  • Good construction
  • Sensitive, strong, and balanced
  • Great packaging
  • Excellent bass rod


  • A little expensive compared to other products in market
  • Not the lightest product in weight among others

13. CarbonZeal Lightweight Fishing Rod

CarbonZeal Lightweight Fishing Rod

The CarbonZeal spinning fishing rod is powerful, durable, and sensitive as this portable two-piece travel rod is made up of high-quality carbon fiber, which is easy to carry and travel for outdoor fishing adventures. This spinning fishing rod is perfect for freshwater, offshore, saltwater, and surf fishing. You can surely enjoy a high performance every time with this spinning fishing rod.

The strength and durability of this rod is enhanced due to the implementation of high-quality carbon fiber, which also resulted in its perfect elasticity and sensitivity.

Fishers have reviewed that it is easy to control and handle the rod because of its high-end cork handle. The classic and professional design is loved by the anglers who preferred to use the rod for catfish, bass, trout, salmon fishing, and many more.


  • Powerful, and durable
  • Portable two-piece design
  • Strong and durable
  • Perfect elasticity and sensitivity
  • Classic and professional design


  • Not that light

14. Bassdash Fishing Rod

Bassdash Fishing Rod

Designed by the professional rod manufacturers based on the reviews garnered from experienced fishermen, this rod is both compact and lightweight. Bassdash, the professional rod manufacturer, carries more than two decades of rod making experience.

Based on this long-term experience, it has constructed this fishing rod with multi-layer 30-ton carbon blank, which is much stronger and lighter than other travel rods. Moreover, this rod comes with the ideal combination of floating and fixed guides that improves its casting performance.

This technology yields in providing you a consistent and smooth taper with no risks of flat or dead spots. Eventually, you get a full-length power transition that allows the rod to perform excellently.

The stainless-steel guides offer an excellent thermal dissipation and hardness along with a low coefficient of friction. As a result, the angler enjoys an improved casting distance with superb fish-fighting control. The precisely positioned and balanced aluminum reel seat allows better durability and more sensitivity to the rod.

This is a very convenient and economical option to travel with this rod and initiate your fish adventure anywhere, as it can collapse and expand conveniently.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Superb fish-fighting control
  • Excellent thermal dissipation
  • Made by professional rod manufacturer Bassdash
  • Consistent performance


  • The company should work on improvising its customer care support team

15. Shakespeare GX2 Reel & Rod Combo

Shakespeare GX2 Reel & Rod Combo

If your want to add one of the next generations’ best bass fishing rod with heritage and tradition, then you have reached the perfect milestone. This Ugly StikGX2 by Shakespeare is well known for its higher strength and durability.

These rods also the best equipments to offer better balance and feature improved components. You will surely love the modern look of these rods with eye-catching accents, like its 20-spinning reel that is well matched for ice applications.

Other notable features of this extra strong fishing rod include one-piece stainless steel guides, STIK blank, and EVA handles on reel seat. Customers reviewed that that this rod simply great and they have no complaints related to it. These poles are both strong and sensitive, and it is indeed difficult to get a better ice pole for the money. It is highly recommended for anyone looking for a durable ice combo!


  • Next generation bass fishing rod
  • Higher strength and durability
  • Improved components and modern look
  • One-piece stainless steel guides
  • EVA handles
  • Great value for money


  • Only meant for ice fishing

16. CarbonZeal Fishing Rod

CarbonZeal Fishing Rod

This is one of the top-quality telescopic fishing rods that is both portable and retractable. The strength and durability of the rod is ensured by its construction from carbon fiber that provides it both power and elasticity.

It is both lightweight and portable, and great for saltwater and freshwater fishing. You can easily fit it in a boat hatch or car trunk or pack it in your backpack and step out for your adventure. It is available in different sizes and lengths.

If you are thinking about investing in rod that will make you worry-free for any future quality issues, then this fishing rod by CarbonZeal bring your calmness back as it is made up of corrosion-resistant aluminum reel seat and is also anti-seawater corrosion in nature.

It is very easy and convenient to handle, and as you can carry it just about anywhere, it means you can fish whenever and wherever you want. This is just the fishing rod you ebbed for bass and trout fishing, and it also turns out to be a nice gift for a fishing enthusiasts.


  • Top-quality telescopic fishing rod
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Multiple sizes for choice
  • Great customer service


  • Screw on the butt can at times be loose

17. Cadence CR6B Baitcasting Rods

Cadence CR6B Baitcasting Rods

With its unique two-piece design, this CR6B Fast Action Baitcasting Rod by Cadence can allow you to carry it easily to any location anywhere and you can enjoy fishing whenever you want at your favorite fishing spot. All its pieces are made up of 30-ton graphite blanks, thereby enhancing its strength, durability, and sensitivity.

Due to its stainless-steel guides, you can enjoy a smoother experience and minimize friction along with enhanced sensitivity. You can feel the vibrations getting transferred through the line, and the guide the rod, and finally to your hand.

Carrying an ergonomic design, the comfortable handhold and grip resulting from the grade EVA handle allows you to catch big baits. This fishing pole is perfect for any saltwater or freshwater fishing area. It can also be conditioned as a perfect choice for gifting purpose to fishing enthusiasts. As the product comes with a one-year liability period, you can look forward to a worry-free year after purchasing it.


  • Unique two-piece design
  • Great strength, durability, and sensitivity
  • Comfortable and firm grip
  • Stainless Steel Reel Seat
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • 1-year liability period


  • It is not so light in weight

18. KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rods

KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rods

The KastKing Perigee II casting and spinning rods are known for their amazing quality, and thus considered as one of the fine options in the best rods for bass fishing rod names. This rod is comprised with one-piece and two-piece rods are made up of 24-ton carbon matrix using the Kastflex technology give it the desired strength, durability, and accuracy while fishing.

The company mainly uses the best quality of components in its production, and thus is world renowned for making ergonomic fishing rods.

The spinning and baitcasting rods come with medium or medium-light power. You can enjoy its smooth power as the rods to transit the power throughout the fishing rod blank in a very smooth manner by using the specialized computer control wrapping.

Well, it is the right time to get rid of your old fishing pole acquire the dynamic Kastking perigee, which is famous for its high performance and ideal for cat fishing, trout fishing, bass fishing, or any other kind of fishing.


  • Higher strength, durability, and accuracy
  • Ergonomic design and top quality
  • Outstanding cosmetics
  • Best product with best value in the fishing tackle
  • Specialized computer control wrapping


  • Can be little expensive for some buyers

19. Magreel Telescopic Fishing Rod

Magreel Telescopic Fishing Rod

This is a premium fishing rod made up of 24t carbon fiber that comes with stainless steel guides. The portable collapsible fishing pole is great for both saltwater and freshwater fishing, especially for bass, salmon, trout, and etc. The rod features stainless-steel hooded reel seat, stainless steel line guide ring, and is resistant to seawater corrosion. It is very soft, firm, and comfortable to hold because of the EVA foam handle.

By using this rod, you can surely enjoy fishing whenever and wherever you want to as it is very easy to carry in your backpack or car trunk. As it is available in multiple sizes, you get more choices and variations while shopping for the rod. You can also buy and gift it to your friends who are fishing enthusiasts. Available with a 1-year warranty and lifetime customer service, you can definitely enjoy using with 100% satisfaction!


  • Premium fishing rod
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Stainless-steel body
  • 1-year warranty
  • lifetime customer service


  • Buyers may find it little heavy in weight

20. Abu Garcia Veracity Fishing Rod

Abu Garcia Veracity Fishing Rod

It is one of the best rods you can add to your arsenal of fishing gear. This lightweight and well-balanced rod amazingly enhances your outdoor fishing adventures. By using this product, you get 30% more strong fishing rod because of the 3M Powerlux technology.

The rear seats of this rod with custom fuji soft touch are very comfortable and sensitive, while the titanium alloy guides are smooth and quiet. Being a product of a leading brand – Abu Garcia, this rod is not just high on looks but also on performance. While using this rod, you get greater sensitivity and durability due to the high-density EVA.

The Abu Garcia series is amazing in its operation and price. Its stylish look makes it appear like a Japanese market product, which at times also allure the fishers. This is an exceptional and high-quality tool that is worth the price with an unreal sensitivity. Most of the previous customers have highly recommended for this fishing rod.


  • Lightweight balanced rod
  • Comfortable and sensitive rear seats
  • Smooth and quiet guides
  • Greater sensitivity and durability


  • Some buyers may find it expensive

It is surely overwhelming to find the best bass rod in the market that meets your needs perfectly. After all, there are so much going things going in the mind of the shopper, the medium or heavyweight, one-piece or two-piece, and the length and to surplus this confusion, there are so many other varieties and options of fishing rods available in the market.

Well, time has arrived to eradicate all these confusions by educating you about the features and factors that you should be looking before making your selection.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Bass Fishing Rod

It is essential to look for the right fishing rod that matches your fishing techniques and makes it more efficient. As an angler, you should know exactly what you are looking for and what aspects to focus on while buying your bass fishing rod.

1. Material Of The Rod

A Fishing rods is made up of different materials such as fiberglass, graphite, or a blend of all of these. These materials aid in controlling the durability, flexibility, and sensitivity of the rod.

Graphite, also referred as carbon fiber, is the most commonly used material as the rods made from graphite are more comfortable to use and light in weight. This material adds excellent sensitivity to the rod, and thus, makes it a better equipment fishing experience. It is more strong, sensitive, and expensive than fiberglass.

Fiberglass rods are slightly heavier but are more affordable compared to the graphite rods. In comparison to graphite rods, they are stronger and durable but are lesser in sensitivity. Still, an experienced angler will be able to detect bait even with a fiberglass rod. The fiberglass rods provide the necessary parabolic bend for medium or lighter action.

Composite rods are made from the blend of graphite and fiberglass materials. These rods have all the required features searched by the anglers resulting in high sensitivity, strength, and durability; however they are light in weight.

2. Types Of Rod

While looking for the best rod for bass fishing in market, you will come across two main kinds of rods, i.e. the Casting Rod and Spinning Rod.

  • Casting Rods – These rods have the reel and guides located on the top side, and these guides can decrease in size as you move away from the reel. The design of this rod offers more pulling power to the angler enabling him/her to handle heavier lines and lures, which is meant for the more aggressive bass with a casting rod.
  • Spinning Rods- The reel and guides in the Spinning rods are located on the lower part of the rod. They work better with lighter lines and lures, and are more suited for smaller bass. Most beginners prefer to buy Spinning rods as it is easier to learn fishing and handle them.

If you are interested in specific actions, such as drop shot rig, wacky rig, skipping tubes under docks or some other finesse techniques, go for a spinning rod. However, if you want to toss spinner baits, jerk baits, toads, and deep cranking as well as flipping, you will need a casting rod.

3. Length Of Rod

The typical length of a bass rod is about six to eight feet. The shorter rods are about six feet while the longer rods can be about nine feet long. The shorter rods offer better control and accuracy, whereas the longer rods allow you to cast over larger distances.

You should consider the casting distance and the kind of control while finalizing the rod length. If you are fishing in wide-open areas requiring long casting distance, you may need much longer rods even up to 12 feet. The smaller rod will work fine if you cast off a higher vantage point or from a dock. Hence, you should look for the right length that defines the best bass fishing rod for you.

4. The Number Of Pieces

Bass fishing rods can be of single piece or multi-piece, and have their pros and cons. Single-piece options are better for the beginners who are still new to the game and do not want to be bothered about assembling those scattered pieces. Moreover, they are likely to get intimidated, if they see different pieces in their fusing rods.

There is no doubt that one will need some more time piecing together the different parts of a multi-piece fishing rod, but it can save precious space while traveling with the rod. Thus, it is easy to disassemble the rod and easily pack the equipment in your car or backpack. The only drawback with these rods is the risk of losing one part or breaking it.

Most of the best bass fishing rods are available as a one- or two-piece that makes its traveling and transporting hassle-free. Some rods even carry four pieces to offer maximum portability.

5. The Flex Action

The action in the rod refers to how much the rod would flex when pressure is applied to it. The action can vary from slow to extra fast, and thus, you have to find a rod with best action reviews based on the your kind of fishing activity. The action of a rod can be seen when it bends and balances as well as influence the power for casting and influences.

Many companies use the light, medium, or heavy ratings for action, while some use variations like moderate-fast, fast, extra-fast.

  • Slow action rods – These rods carry the greatest flexibility and can bend slightly and are best suited for small bass and lighter baits.
  • Moderate action rods – These rods can bend all the way to the middle, and are easier to cast lures.
  • Fast action rods – These rods are much more flexible and tend to bend towards the middle of the rod, thereby offering both power and flex. These rods are great for freshwater anglers and casting topwater baits and spinnerbaits.
  • Extra-fast action rods – These rods flex aggressively, least flexible, and bend very little through the rod length. They are sensitive to any kind of vibrations and best suited for catching bigger fish.

6. The Power Of The Rod

The power of the rod defines its backbone as it refers to its overall strength, which is listed as heavy, medium-heavy, medium, light, or ultra-light. The power of the rod regulates the fishing line and lure weights.

Heavy power rods are less flexible compared to medium or light power rods. These rods are perfect for catching heavy and large fish. You can use also this heavier fishing line and lure with a rod of heavy power. However, if you plan to catch the small baitfish, go for the light or ultra-light power rods. .

Keep both the power and action in mind as these aspects will affect the fishing activities. If you plan for some heavier action, look for more power in the rod that will need more pressure to bend. However, do not get confused between these two terms (power and action), as the power of the rod is how much pressure it can take to bend the rod. There are also ultra-light models in the market with extra heavy power.

7. The Weight Of The Line

Another factor to keep in mind is the line weight; as most of the experienced anglers feel that about 6 to 8-pound range is the right option.

Look for lightweight rods that offer a balanced design and boast in its durability. The lines are made to weigh more in order to cope with the strain of getting the bigger bass out of thick cover and to lower the risk of the line snapping once you land your trophy fish. However, fishers search for lightweight rods that are strong unless you need the heavy weighted ones specifically.

8. The Length Of The Fishing Rod

The overall length of the fishing rod will have an impact on your handling strength as the typical rod length range between 6 to 8 feet. While fishing with a longer rod, you can cast the line over a larger distance. However, you lose some control over the line and its accuracy.

Many expert anglers debate about the rod length, and estimate that the rod’s length should left to the angler’s ability to use it. For some, the longer rods can be difficult to handle and lead to errors, while for others it enables them to achieve greater accuracy and faster action. As an angler, one has to consider the right combination of power, action, and the length for best results and experiences. Hence, it can be concluded that the needs can vary and can suit a variety of lures and lines.

9. The Quality Of Guides

Pay attention to the quality of the guide as this is essential long and further casting. This is an important component of a bass rod as it allows you to cast longer casting distance with lower line friction. The best guides are manufactured with ceramic and titanium materials that lowers the overall line friction.

Hence, the guides should be positioned correctly, and each feature should be properly rounded so that the angler can detect accurate strikes through the fishing line.

Line guides can vary in quality and can be from good to great. The two basic sizes are the micro and standard line guides for freshwater casting rods The Micro guides are very small and are more sensitive and overall lighter. Still, the guide size is a matter of choice, and one can choose the size that works best for them.

10. The Handle Of The Rod

As you will be holding the rod in your hands all the time during fishing; you need to pay extra attention to the handle of the rod. Therefore, the handle should offer a firm and comfortable grip so that the rod doesn’t slip away while handling heavy baits. Therefore, you should carefully check out the shape and material of the rod handle before buying.

Rod handles are available in three kinds, including wood, cork, and EVA form handles. Cork handles are lighter and offer a strong grip. They are more sensitive. As for the handles, they are good, but the grip is not that firm where they’re cold. EVA foam handles, on the other hand, are very comfortable and durable.

The grip of the handle is an important feature to look for. The handles of the rods are amiable in full grip, pistol grip, and split grip. As the name suggests, the full-grip handles are best suited for casting heavy baits for long distances. The split-grip or pistol grip work fine for closer casting and lighter baits.

11. The Reel Seats

Reel seats are very basic in most of the fishing rods and anglers choose a reel seat that permits them to sense the blank with ease. Some reel seats can be wider, and their placement can vary along with the seat nut size. You can hold different rods to get the feel and know which reel seat feels the most comfortable for you.

Ergonomically designed, the reel seats made of high-quality components and protected by a corrosion-resistant material like aluminum provide a solid and comfortable base. When the reel seat is of high-quality, it offers an enhanced sensitivity and provides comfortability to the anglers. They should be designed for easier use and solid grip during a struggle.

12. The Overall Construction

Construction of the fishing rod with strong components and materials is another important factor as this will define its quality and durability as well as looks. Most of the fishing rods are made up of carbon fiber along with blends of other high-quality materials.

The best bass fishing rods are good in every aspect as they should not only perform well and meet your fishing needs but also carry an impressive quality in terms of construction. Hence, you should always compare different fishing rods in the market in terms of both functionality and construction. A good construction guarantees good quality and durability, while a low-quality construction will rob the rod of its sensitivity and responsiveness.

13. The Brand And Company Name

Owing to the rising demand, there is a vast number of brands and companies involved in making the bass fishing rods. While all of them claim to have the best bass fishing rods, the onus lies on the customer to research and know about the perfect fishing rod as per their requirements.

14. The Price Of The Rod

Your final choice of course depends on an important factor, i.e. the cost of the bass fishing rod. Like any other product, you will come across variations in price. Hence, you can get a rod for as low as $50, and some of them are even priced at $300 or more.

As a customer, you need to get the best value for money and find one of the best bass fishing rods that suit your budget. There is no need to spend a fortune on a rod that is way beyond your budget and does not go well with your need for your style and technique of bass fishing. In fact, some of the most popular and top-quality bass fishing rods are very affordable.

If you stick to the above guidelines, buying the best bass fishing rod may not be an overwhelming process. However, after selecting the perfect rod, you will not only enjoy the fishing experience but can cast specific baits farther and more accurately

The aforementioned points will surely edify you about the factors to be checked in the top quality bass fishing rods available in the market. After purchasing, you take care of some points too for better longevity of the fishing rod..

How To Take Good Care Of Your Bass Fishing Rod

If you mishandle the best bass fishing rod after purchasing the most expensive one thinking that it is designed to last long, then you are quietly mistaken. Just like any other product, you need to take good care of it with proper maintenance.

Here are some simple steps to keep the fishing rod in good condition.

  • As the Guides are exposed to a lot of use and abuse, minerals and other stuff from lakes and rivers build up on them with time. Thus, they need to be cleaned regularly, both from inside and outside.
  • It is equally important to clean the handles and reel mounting hardware. So, use a towel soaked with rubbing alcohol to clean the rod.
  • You can use carnauba-based wax to wipe the blank a couple of times to keep them look shiny and in working condition.
  • Store the bass rod in a safe and protected area when it is not in use and, if possible, store them vertically. Never store the rod in a hot place or along with some hard and rough product as it could damage its outer layers.

If your face issues while catching your baits, do not blame the manufacturer as you might have failed to maintain it properly

FAQs on Bass Fishing Rods

1. What Are The Different Types Of Rods For Bass Fishing?

Three types of rods are mostly considered for bass fishing, casting, spinning, and combination rods. The experienced anglers will advise you to have at least one for fishing type for higher level of success.

Combination rods are considered as the best bass fishing rods for the new anglers as they are not very experienced to switch the reels between rods.

As these rods offer complete tools to adequately fish for bass, these are a great option for those who simply want to enjoy their hobby without spending loads of money. The fly rod, on the other hand, is not very popular for fishing.

2. What Is The Key Difference Between A Spinning Rod And A Casting Rod?

In case of spinning rod, the reel hangs from the bottom of the rod, while in the case of the casting rod, it is aligned with it. The casting rod uses a casting reel while the spinning rods use a spinning reel. When you their length, the spinning rods are slightly shorter than the casting rods and thus are great for close-in fishing.

Another major difference is that casting rods are heavier. The spinning rods are more popular as they are good for fishing with live baits and anglers like them mo0re compared to casting ones, especially for bass, pike, trout, and walleye.

3. What Is The Gear Ratio?

Gear Ratio can be complicated to understand, hence in simple terms, it refers to every single turn the reel handle makes compared to spool turns. For example, a ratio of 5:1 means that for a single turn of the reel handle, there are five rotations of the spool.

There is a role for each gear ratio, and the lower ratios will apparently move slower than higher gear-reel ratios. Lower ratios are recommended for smaller fish baits, while the higher ratios are good for vertical moving baits and top water fishing.

4. What Are Some of The Tops Brands That Manufacture Bass Fishing Rods?

Some of the best fishing rods for bass are made by brands and companies like St Croix, JEKOSEN, Fly Fishing, Sougayilang, St Croix, CAPACI, Goture, G. Loomis, Dobyns Rods, CarbonZeal, Bassdash, Shakespeare, Cadence, KastKing Perigee, Abu Garcia, and Ugly Stik Elite.

Get Over The Confusions And Buy The Most Efficient Bass Fishing Rod

We are sure that by now you have become an expert on the best bass fishing rods, and can confidently make the right choices. Go ahead and buy just the right products that suits perfectly to your fishing techniques.

After garnering such an in-depth idea about the best bass fishing rods in the market, why not share your expertise with your loved ones and educated them also. You can also share this page with them so that they too can take advantage of the useful information provided here? Now, picking the appropriate bass fishing rod will no more be a confusing topic anymore.